Crizal® Anti-Reflective Lenses

Crizal® Alize™ Clear Guard technology makes the clearest anti-reflection even clearer with its anti-particulate property.  No-glare Crizal lenses resist scratches and repel smudges, fingerprints, dust, and dirt better that any other lens.

Varilux® Progressive Lenses

Varilux progressive lenses provide a soft periphery and wider fields of vision. 
Features and benefits include:

  • Wider Vision Fields – a wider reading area and clear vision across the entire lens surface.
  • Wider Near Vision – clear across the entire near-vision zone
  • Balanced Binocular Vision – right and left eyes perceive images moving simultaneously and at the same speed, virtually eliminating swimming effects.
  • Widest Range of Materials – available in more materials than any other progressive lens.




At first glance, regular clear lenses and Transition Lenses may look alike. But expose them both UV rays or sunlight and you'll see how one lens provides superior comfort, convenience and protection. Transition Lenses automatically adjust to changing light, becoming as dark as sunglasses when necessary. They provide convenient protection from several types of glare, including the kind that can seriously diminish vision. In sunlight, mid-light or indoors, they're ideal for your everyday lenses.